Friday, August 12, 2011

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Beginners

What is SEO ?

Ans.: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process to put websites in the top places in search engines via the natural or unpaid results. SEO may include different type of searches which includes video search, local search, image search…etc. SEO helps the website in grabbing maximum traffic. SEO acts as a marketing tool as it helps in brand recognition as well as brand identity. Site ranking in a search helps is diverting more traffic since any internet user often cares to browse only through first page of the Search Result. It ensures accessibility of the website thru search engines. Efforts invested in SEO are helpful in long run, as it gives you targeted traffic, Increased Brand Visibility, Better Usability and Cross Browser Compatibility. Sales are increased manifold along with growth in referral business.

What is backlinks ?

Ans.: A back link is an inward link/ inbound link to your site, which plays an important role in judging the popularity and relevancy of that website. Search Engines like Google/Yahoo/Bing uses it as a reflecting mirror to know the Page Rank of a web page, in the same way as no. of casted votes decide the popularity of a minister. Here Quality along with Quantity makes the difference, which depends on theme of back linking website as well as keyword with which it links to our site. Reputation of website that connects to your page determines the importance of back links.

What is Spamdexing?

Ans.: Spamdexing (Search Engine Spamming), involves making modification in HTML pages in a dishonest manner, which gives an edge to the website of getting placed at the top of Search Engine Results. It includes those practices which are not ethical, and Search and Indexing Programs are often misled by it as they provide that rank to a page which it does not deserves.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Ans.: Black Hat, as the name suggests includes all the black techniques that help to get higher Search Ranking. It is beneficial in short run as it provides higher Page Ranking; however it includes the fear of being penalized if caught. It is money-oriented approach which often fails in providing true information to the visitors.

What is White Hat SEO?

Ans.: White hat SEO is a complete follower of Search Engine rules and policies, which focuses mainly on audience to provide them quality information. It is generally preferred by those who want to make long term investment on website. These techniques help in maintaining the integrity of one’s website.

What is Image Search?

Ans.: Image Search facilitates in browsing, searching and finally in retrieving images from the huge database of digital Images. In order to search for Images, a user generally provides keywords for images they are searching, image file/ link or even click on some image, and all those images similar to the query are sorted out and returned back by the system. And similarity which the search engines uses for Search Criteria could be Meta tags, distribution in images, region/shape attributes etc.

What Is Local Search?

Ans.: Local search allows user to make search related to a particular geographical area (which includes information about what and where), from a structured database of local business listings. Local Search comprises of two types of Search- Explicit and Implicit Local Search. Explicit local Search includes location modifier, whereas implicit local Search includes product or service that is consumed locally.

What Is Video Search?

Ans.: The evolution of Video Search has taken slowly, through various Search Formats existing today which use keywords. Such keywords is often found in the title of the media, text attached to the media and content linked web pages and some of them are defined by authors and users of video-hosted resources. This Search Engine crawl the web for video content. It allows users to search by video format type as well as by length of the clip.

Low Cost SEO:

SEO has become need of any website in order to gain top page ranking and to have more traffic on their site. This no doubt includes a lot amount of investment. Everybody wishes to reap maximum benefit without investing more, which has actually led to the evolution of low cost SEO. There are various cheap methods which can give best results. The first one is Link Exchanges which can be easily done by contacting the owner of the website one wants to have a link exchange with. The second method is to write truly informative and keyword-rich articles and make these articles look more fresh and readable. Thirdly, a short domain name makes it an easy job for users to recall the name of the website, which really requires creativity. Lastly one more method is to provide easy steps in navigating one’s site will really enhances the flow of traffic to the site. Low Cost SEO Services has become a common demand in IT industry, and today plenty of choices are available in the market. Many Company Owners have started outsourcing these jobs to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), as they provide better value to the client. They provide services at an affordable rate to the customers because they have a variety of skilled freelancers based in those countries where prices are low. This has created a big market for BPO Industry, and has given a good option to Company owners to outsource their job at cheap rates.

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